How to replace the logo of a video with my logo?

I want to buy an intro (video) to insert my logo into the video.
In the ad they say they do not need to plug in or anything to do this.
How will this be done after I receive the file?
Can someone help me?

Thank you

you can contact with your item author.(Where you want to purchase)

How to contact with author:

with your purchasing key

hope you will get your solution.

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If it is an After Effects project then you will need to have Adobe After Effects installed on your computer and some basic knowledge of it.
There is always the option to ask for custom service from the author of the project.

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Thank you brother.
Sorry to ask so much, but how do I talk to the author, I did not find this option. Can you help me?

go on author Profile page (this is mine) - - there down on the page you have his e-mail or social links if there is