How to render/convert to .mp4 from AE with high quality and light size


I am a motion graphics artist from India. I need help.The problem i have is to convert the final output to .mp4 (for preview on VH) If i render it in AE it has huge quality loss. plz help me how can i maintain same. I have windows7, AE cs4 & cs5.
Amarjit Singh


Try H.264 at 10mbps. If it is for VH, you don’t need light size, when you upload it it goes through a second compression to make it light. So upload a high quality preview.


“Protest” Thank you very much for this useful information. Regards Amarjit Singh


I would render an uncompressed .avi from AE and convert to mp4 with Adobe Media Encoder, it works very well for me, good quality and low file size… use “VBR Multiple passes” option, don’t use single pass otherwise you’ll get bad quality.

You get bad quality with AE because it does not support “Multiple passes” :slight_smile:


Can someone pass me the specific settings for Media Encoder?

I mean, the video preview of my latest template looks very bad.

Thank you!