How to render 4K videos in .MOV container in Adobe CC?


My 4K videos where denied on submission because i made .mp4 files.

I know that they should be in a MOV container, but in Adobe Media Encoder CC & Premiere CC the software is not possible to make a H264 MOV file with resolutions higher than 2000 pixel in width.

I know there is an option to make a MOV file with “Photo JPEG” codec or anything else, but the files are too big. 1GB for 30 seconds … I dont want to have such big files…

Is it possible to make a MOV file in 4K with H264?

Or what else should i do? Why are .mp4 files not accepted as they are the most common format?


Just like to share this. You may probably know this…The theory behind why you should go with PhotoJPEG.

H.264 means Interframe compression. - Interframe means that the compression is dependent on other frames, so this mechanism uses keyframes which are saved as complete frames and then successive frames contain only the pixels that are different from the keyframe. This compression requires more processing power because the computer must process several frames at the same time in order to have a “complete picture” at any point in time. Examples include h.264, MPEG-4, DivX.

PhotoJPEG means Intraframe compression - Intraframe means that the compression is compressed individually and independently from the other frames. Basically each frame is “key”. As you guessed this is the less lossy compression. While it’s not as efficient in space saving, it more than makes up for in quality. Each frame is kept as an independent photo and this means very low detail loss, especially in clips with random motion (which are something that interframe codecs struggle with). Also this compression has much lower computing requirements. Examples include PhotoJPEG, MJPEG.

and I think, 4K meant to be large files. Otherwise How it can retain quality for such big resolution.
May be you can change PhotoJPEG quality upto 70-90%


okay thanks for the info.

so i have to up the 1 GB files :frowning:

it would be nice if ENVATO would update the upload instructions and also release some infos for 4k movies…


I had a similar problem a few months back when prepared a video that was 1:45 in length and was about 1.3 Gbs.
I used ffmpeg to re-encode it as h.264 however there was lots of compression artifacts compared to the same video in mjpeg format.
ffmpeg might work if you dramatically increased the bitrate, as it may compensate for the compression.


Have same problem, cant render in 4K mov in h.264


Does this help?

felt_tips said

Does this help?

No it doesnt. This is solution for mp4 files not mov.