How to remove white space after header and before site content - Haven theme


The page I need help with is

There is a white box on the bottom of the front page (it has an anchor icon right now) that spreads the length of the entire page when accessed on web browser – I would like to move this down so that you can see the entire background image when you access the front page.

I am using the “Haven” theme on WordPress 5.2.3.

I believe that I need to nudge down the content page – because the background image is covering the entire page behind the pages. Also, it appears the way I would like it to on mobile.

Is this possible? Also, I’m using WordPress 5.2.3, so I’m not sure how to access “Appearance” like I used to be able to do on previous versions of WordPress.

Thanks in advance for helping, I’ve spent like 4 hours combing internet forums and trying things to no avail. Also, I’m not an expert in web design – part of the reason I’m doing this is because I want to learn – so if there are specific changes to CSS that I need to add please tell me where I am able to do that.

Thank you kindly!




You can get in touch with your purchase item author @niclnn

Hope they will help you out from your issue.