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I have recently taken over a Wordpress website and it is using Visual Composer. I want to uninstall VC but I’m assuming doing that will leave lots of VC shortcodes and the web pages won’t show correctly.

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Actually, removing (uninstalling/deactivating VC directly) won’t solve anything, as all shortcodes used by VC and its elements will still be present in the page/post content, only then those shortcodes aren’t registered with WP anymore, leaving in fact a visual mess when viewing the page or post. As such, @slowfish is unfortunately correct with his/her assumption.

With any page builder, and VC is no exception here, the page builder provides more than just some additional shortcodes for content. It also provides the overall (responsive) grid structure of the page/post (rows and columns). That means, if you in fact want to get rid of a page builder like Visual Composer, you will always have to do extensive redesigning of your pages afterwards, as all prior structure and layouts will be gone; not to mention, that all “normal” content shortcodes that belong to VC and/or its addons will not be rendered anymore. And if Visual Composer came bundled with your theme, there is a good chance that the theme is also providing custom elements to Visual Composer, which will also be affected if VC isn’t present anymore.

In worst case, the page or post will only show unprocessed shortcodes after deactivating/uninstalling Visual Composer, and no actual “readable/visible” content anymore. Once a site has been designed with a page builder, there usually isn’t a way back anymore, without having to redo the whole site one more time. And as stated, that isn’t limited to Visual Composer, but applies to basically any page builder available, because for better or worse, they are much more than just any other shortcodes plugin.

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