How to Remove Price and Enroll Options from courses?

Hello Team,

I need some help on Pricing tags, I don’t want to display any course fees or enroll option were ever it’s reflecting on all the pages.

I just want to display the messge as "Request for Course " Instead of “TAKE THIS COUSE” OR "BUY THIS COURSE "

so two things i need help

  1. I don’t want to display any course fees and also I don’t want the FREE option.
  2. replace the “TAKE THIS COURSE” with “REQUEST FOR COURSE”


Hello @seosureshseo

Welcome to the forums! Have you read the documentation with the theme? Have you tried to reach out to theme author for support? I’m sure the author will answer all questions!


What you want to achieve is a customization of the theme. If you’re not a developer then you’ll be in trouble. It’s better to contact the theme author they might offer you a custom work for that or hire a developer to change it for you.