How to receive [soft or hard rejection]?

I am logo seller so I am interested why I never receive “soft” or “hard” rejections? My title in email always looks like that:

[GraphicRiver] Your uploaded item Eye Logo rejected

also reviewer don’t use any explanation for rejection. And same thing going on for 3years.

Does reviewer breaking a simple rules?

If you’re title in your email always looks like that, then it sounds like you are getting hard rejections. Are you saying the main body of the email is blank? Or does it have the usual ‘unfortunately your item is not ready for GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted’?

You would receive an email titled like this Your uploaded item X needs improvement if your item was soft-rejected.

hi, what u are describing basically means that u are hard rejected, if u get a soft rejections, u have a list of details and other indications on what to work on … so that u embetter the product and re-submit and get approved …

To receive a Hard Reject just be me. HAHA