How to ready a psd mockup for uploading?

Hello designer, Thanks in advance.

Could you someone me how to upload a mockup on Graphicriver? I uploaded one but I got rejected so now I am worried about how to ready a file for Graphicriver.

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Based on your portfolio your main issue is typography followed by hierarchy, font pairing, and composition. Regarding mock-ups, you have issues with light, shadows, shaders, and overall visual integration.

Thank you for replying. Actually, if I get a PSD file as a sample I can do it. There are lots of differences in different websites. Is there any way to get a pad file?

Grabbing free PSD files from websites and reproducing them or taking parts from them is not a good idea. Here you need to upload only original and premium quality files to successfully pass the review and have sales. If you don’t have the necessary skills to create flawless mock-ups from scratch it is very hard to get approved.

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I’ve seen different psd files setup in very different ways here - the only necessary/generic guidelines are outined in the link about.

There is an assumption that authors on a premium marketplace will understand best practice and how to construct that.