how to reach reviewer?

Hi all,

How to reach reviewer , rejecting item again and again even all concern are addressed and which not that are due to reason already explained.

If there is form posting int value through form, what is the need to sanitize it? even database is allowed to accept only int type data. How to make this understand to reviewer?

how to reach reviewer with email or any chat system, without uploading item again and again.

We have uploaded item in same category appx 10days ago and now when submitting new , reviewer is rejecting again and again , sending old screenshot in response like commented code, which is no where in zip we uploaded, still reviewer sending in reason.

How we can repeat mistakes , if our other item is already accepted in same category a week ago??

Please help, it is such a frustration situation.

@Envato anyhelp on this?

you should to get in touch with envato author support.

just submitted request, waiting for response. But we never received response from envato. We submitted a request while ago, but no response.