How to quickly find your music in the video?

Hi guys! Who knows how to find your music in a video? Are there any services or programs? The third day I look, I find the sites that are displayed in the sales data, but I do not see my music anywhere. Any opinions.

Nope! It would be great to see our music in a video! :slight_smile:

And Silence)) Many people find, but apparently accidentally :smiley:


Unfortunately i have the same problem. I think in that case its matter of luck. :slight_smile:

As far as i know there is no any program to identify your music in videos unless you’ve registered it in AdRev or other similar Content ID services. So see invoices and check out who bought it then you may try to find it on youtube etc.


Thanks guys!

AdRev, Tunesat, and if the buyer is a company, take a look from time to time at its social networks (facebook, youtube…)

Thanks @ilovemedia-es for your reply! I mean programs like “Shazam”, but for PC.