How to Put WordPress jQuery at bottom with out deregister it ?

so Themeforest Wordpress Standers says that
"Themes will be required to use whichever version of jQuery ships with the current version of WordPress."
" Authors are not allowed to deregister the default version of jQuery and load another one. "
so i tried to find a way to use wordpress jquery at bottom of the page but i could not find any solution without deregister it ? so what should i do ?

What is the point of adding it at the bottom ? If your script is using any of jQuery variables or functions it will raise an error this way. Unless you are thinking of adding your own jQuery version at the top which is not allowed.


You’re re-registering the jQuery scripts. That’s your issue and you don’t have to do that. Remove the line from your functions.php

wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery’, get_template_directory_uri().’/your-local-jquery-root/jquery.js’,array(‘jquery’), ‘10’, true);

WordPress automatically registers it.