How to put The Voux theme on another site?


I have purchased TheVoux theme for one of my sites, and now I want to quit this site and use the theme on a new site of mine,

How to do that? The support period for theme have expired and I’m not allowed to send any topic on their customer support… I believe this is a topic that can be solved without purchasing another 6 months of technical support.

Thank you


You will need to purchase a new license if you wish to use the theme on a second project (your second site).


Hi, thanks for answer. But I want to move the theme, and to have a single
site, the new one… It should be possible, right?

It should be okay, so long as you are no longer using the theme on your old website. That said - if you need any help with the theme you will need to renew support.

Are you just changing the domain name? Or will this be a new site?

I want to use another theme on first site, therefore moving the theme
entirely on a new site&domain.

Then you will need a new licence because you are using the theme for a completely different project.


Thank you!

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