How to put a logo on a videoHive downloaded


Hello. I have just purchased a video logo and downloaded to my computer. I don’t know how I can put my logo on it. I thought there was a place on the website to do it but I didn’t find it. Which aplication do I need to do it?


Hello. You need to open the project on needful program (AfterEffects, PremierPro, etc) and put your logo. There must be a tutorial in the downloaded ZIP file


Thank you very much for answering. There is a tutorial in the downloaded zip file but there isn’t the name of the program so I was very lost. I don’t have any of this two programs you told me. I am downloading a free version of Adobe After Effects which lasts 7 days. I hope I can manage to put the logo on the video.


Hi, you can see this free course on how to customize a template:

or if you don´t have time to learn you can hire my customization service here: