How to publish a plugin if you don't have VAT?

I am working for a development company as an employee. The owner proposed me to open a company together for plugin development and other things, but at this moment the “new” company has not been created yet.

We’ve already developed some plugins, but unfortunately I noticed that on envato you cannot publish a plugin if you are not a VAT registered company.

The owner told me that we can temporarily use his account and his company, but personally I would not like to, because I know that on Envato it is not possible to transfer the authors’ properties once the second company will be created.

Do you have any suggestions on how to manage the situation? I also tried to contact Envato but they didn’t answer, I thought maybe I could put his company data and his VAT number on the account of the company that hasn’t been legally created yet and then change them later.

Thank you in advance

Not true. You can add a VAT number so you aren’t charged VAT on purchases, but there’s no requirement for authors to add a VAT number, as all VAT is charged and remitted by Envato.

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