How to prove music is yours?

So recently I was doing my regular License Police ™ job and busted an organization that have used my track without buying a license. After sending an email they responded me to “send us the prove that you are the rightsholder of the music.” How should I handle it?

I’m sure there’s a more official and efficient way to do it, but you could make a quick edit to your item description, including some text at the end unique to the person you’re speaking to, like a small part of their email address, company name etc. There would be no way for anyone to do that unless they were the account holder.

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Standard thing. E.g. I use for such contact my name and e mail from profil description.

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“Unfortunately we couldn’t download the documents which describes that you are the right holder of the music, will you be able to send it to us?”

Do I have to create such a document?

A weird and suspicious reaction from that organization.

What documents are they expecting?

Refer them to your AJ profile and portfolio and remind them that using unlicensed music may have legal repercussions.

On what platform was your music used? If on YouTube, what about ContentID? There should be your name on the copyright notice.

YouTube so I don’t understand either…

What kind of document you sent them?

I explained the information shown below the video and my name in the market + little pdf from PRO.