How to protect my audio logos with youtube content id if those are less than 30 seconds long

People have registered a lot of my audio logos with youtube content id and getting profit out of my tracks. Problem is that if I try to upload them I get rejected by content id monitoring compnay because track is under 30seconds so trick is that people put audio logo in the beginning of their own track and then submit that. So how I am supposed to protect my own music then? It’s absurd situation and then people who buy my music email me that they got copyright claim on youtube and I can’t do nothing about it. very absurd.

What is the best company that can protect my audio logos against content id abuse?

Impossible unfortunately. It’s not a CID partners thing, it’s the main Youtube CID rule which they have to follow. I am in similar situation as you. An absurd.

Why don’t you use the same trick that they do and bunch your logos together and upload them as a single over 30’ track? I mean, if fraudsters managed to register your work, then why wouldn’t you be able to do the same?

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Oh I did not read first post carefully. I haven’t noticed you have a problem with 3rd party claims. So…

  1. Did you double check if it is not a false positive?

  2. All youtube claims should have an info in the bottom of the video description containing name of the CID partner e.g. AdRev and name of the track. This way you can find what and where was registered. When you find it, write to this CID partner directly with copyright complaint or ask your CID partner to do this.

Thank you for replies, I have emailed to CID partner to resolve this matter asap.
I checked the video and it has my audio logo in the beginning.

I was uploading to Identifyy but that place immediately rejected my audio logos. Then I explained in the chat my situation that I need to protect my audio logos and then they just copy pasted answer that track needs to be at least 30sec long and tracks needs to be high quality and quite recent tracks… so I’m looking for alternatives.