How to promote Theme)))



Hey. Can someone help me with theme promotion?

I want to promote my theme, but don’t know how. I’ve decided to give an advert, but don’t know in which platform & especially in which category people to do this advert. I mean what kind of people buy themes - what category select - entertainment or bloggers or wordpress developer.

Help please.



Yes, bloggers buyes blogs themes :slight_smile: For sure not wordpress developers - maybe sometime some freelancers… I don’t think You will get perfect tips how to advertise. For example in adwords You just push advertise and then you exclude pages where peoples click but not buy etc… Online advertise it topic bigger then wordpress development. You can use social media like FB, Dribbble, Behance, Google+ but this is like spam == do not give almost any effects.


MM. OK, Thanks.


Contact bloggers to have them review and ask if they can include your theme in their post.

Bloggers do help a lot in promoting. I have 2 blogs, personal and company which I can add your theme or item.