How to Promote selling items

Hi anybody can help me improve how can i share and promote my products so i can get more revenue thanks

I thought that was what Envato was supposed to do, given the fact that they take 50% or more income per item sold. It’s in their interest to raise the revenue. If we, the authors, who spend months making items, are expected to do that as well, then isn’t it better that we all run our own websites and do our own marketing and not share our incomes with anyone else? Common sense?

You can still market your items from your website, social etc as long as you are only selling exclusively via envato

If there’s inspiration type sites (as there is with websites) then you can look at getting exposure there maybe.

As for envato doing it for anyone - that’s simply not their responsibility. How would they possibly do this fairly with so many items?!

You can offer up items as potential ones for monthly freebies to boost exposure but the % they take is for access to their marketplace and a potential customer base larger than any amount of realistic marketing could achieve for author’s own sites.

And it is what they do, but there’s nothing wrong with an author attempting to increase their revenue over and above what Envato can bring in. Nobody is expected to market their items, but they have the option to do so… and it’s up them whether the time and cost of doing so is worth the return.

But seeing that just author driven referral sales alone, bring in a minimum of $10m a year in additional turnover… authors can have a pretty big impact when it comes to bringing in buyers and additional revenue.

And it’s 30% or more per item sold… although it might be less if it’s ADP and it’s priced high enough.

LOL, you sound like a bad commercial. I was lured here based on incredible claims of huge income of $72000 or something, kinda like a story you’re trying to pitch here. So far I made ~90 bucks. That’s $90 USD and I’ve been a member for more than a year. I think you can understand why I’m quite distrustful to what you’re saying as it does sound like yet another fairy tale.

You should complain to the people who made these incredible claims. As for only making $90, you yourself have admitted that you don’t want to upload your high quality stuff here, and you don’t want to put too much effort in. Unfortunately, that kind of approach will never result in $72,000.

Yes, but you omitted the fact that items of lesser quality of my items make more and that there are items of higher quality that made nothing. That’s kinda demotivating don’t you think.

Items that you feel are of lesser quality. Buyers don’t buy stuff they feel that is low quality, so as much as you feel that’s the case, maybe your low quality items are of a higher quality than you think… and your low quality items are of a higher quality than you think.

Worst comes to the worst, just make a bunch more items that you feel are low quality and they might sell like hot cakes.

But still, you’ve not really given Envato a fair run. Why not spend a month making the best possible items you can and submit those. If that doesn’t work, call it a day. If it does work, go all in and do the same in the following months.

I’ve not sold nearly $100k of stuff by uploading four reasonabe items and then just sitting back hoping a miricle will happen.

You probably have a selective memory as you recall what I said only partially. I’ve already removed one of the quality items, it was a game made in Unity, that was not selling on CodeCanyon for the price of $59. One of my clients was looking for similar game, so I showed him the demo, I removed the item from CodeCanyon to remain exclusive and sold the item for $450. It’s the amount of money all of my items altogether could not possible make on CodeCanyon for 40+ years with this pace. I think the problem is in your market and not my items as I make and sell the games for almost 15 years, that’s how I know it’s you, not me.

You wrote: “Why not spend a month making the best possible items you can and submit those. If that doesn’t work, call it a day. If it does work, go all in and do the same in the following months.

LOL, so not happening :smile: … but nice try!

Don’t forget you are submitting in a very niche category compared to most, so earnings will always be notably less than some others.

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You never know! But it’s possible for people to make a living doing something for 15 years without really being all that successful. I.e. there’s a bunch of designers out there who make $10K a year, and there’s a bunch of web designers out there who make $1m a year… there’s a even a bunch of designers on AudioJungle who make more than $1m a year. Success is relative, so as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters, but the fact that some people do make a lot of money every month here means that it is possible.

And seeing the people who make $1m a year here, get exactly the same from Envato as you do, when it comes to features, service, support, traffic etc… is the problem actually with Envato, or is it with you?

If you made better items, and more of them, then you’d make more money… that’s pretty much guaranteed. If you don’t make any more items, or better items, then you’ll just continue to make hardly any money. If you’re fine with that, then so be it… but no need to moan about sales if you’re not bothering to do anything to improve those sales.


I think one of @CoderGames’s main issues is that he spends more time working on each item than he feels is worth the return.

The HTML5 category isn’t very big, there’s not much demand. Heck, I think the #1 selling HTML5 game only gets a few hundred dollars per (month?), and it also fluctuates from month to month.

Anyways, back on topic… for @monsterscript:

There’s one easy thing you can do that will definitely increase exposure to all of your items: upload more!

Each item you upload will draw people to look at your portfolio or see the ‘other items by monsterscript’ on your item page. I think most authors can agree that each new upload results in an increase in traffic to all of their items.

There’s also a lot of affiliates out there who write blog posts showcasing items (like “top 100 seo wordpress plugins”). Will probably be hard to find some for the mobile category but if you do find any relevant to your items, you can always email the author of the post and ask them to add your item with their affiliate link. :smiley:

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Absolutely, but that’s a few hundred times more than CoderGames is getting, and I’m assuming they didn’t take a few hundred times longer to make!

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Here are some suggestions:

  1. Create a great landing page for your product which the Live Preview button is linking to with attention to detail. Try to view this landing page a few times and put yourself in your customers’ shoes and keep improving it. You can ask around for feedback as well as about your landing page and how to improve it.

  2. Post at least 1-2 a week in your social media sites (have at least the major ones i.e facebook, twitter, etc). If you’re just starting up, best to align your post with some follow and likes to other similar social content. i.e if you’re planning to post about fashion category this week, try to search around some of #fashion content and follow and like their posts.

  3. Create great profile pages, regardless if it’s on your main website, envato profile page or social profile page, make them engaging and create links to your work as some might get curious to know who you are and check out your other links as well.

Just my 2 cents, hope this helps :slight_smile:

Selling item for $450 after it has been removed from your market where it had zero sales for $59, is enough for me.

Unless my memory is failing me, didn’t you say that the game you sold for $450 wasn’t available at any point on CodeCanyon, as you’d put loads of work into it and wouldn’t want to sell it here for such a low price?

And is that an outright purchase and/or custom freelance work? That’s very different from selling it as stock… but if you managed to get $450 for a single use, regular license, then you should be the one running a “How to Promote Selling items” thread.

Quite the opposite. It was a Unity game I’ve put on CodeCanyon for $59. It was not sold a single time during longer period. One of my clients contacted me, the game was close to what he was looking for, but not exactly the same. I had to remove it from CodeCanyon to remain exclusive, since I was about to sell it. I did had to make some changes, few features were missing from what client wanted, prior to selling him, but it was not a huge change. So it does fall within some custom / freelance work. I already wrote about this, you definitely have quite a selective memory, as it was written in the same message you were quoting me on before.

I’ve been freelancing for a very long time, not just making games, but even developing large enterprise-wise information systems. I do have regular clients and then there are occasional ones. I’m definitely not going to waste my time on making items for the market that obviously doesn’t respond to my work, which is something that is puzzling me quite, since I’ve never encountered such market. I’ve been quite active on many different freelance marketplaces and I’ve been doing very well on all of them. That’s how I know your market is definitely a problem. Or maybe your system.

Just to be clear I know very little about the games category or trends but just a thought.

  • With respect, speaking as a big buyer here, and again I don’t know the trends in your category, to me the design execution of your games feels very 1990s and even if I was looking for a game item I would almost certainly not purchase something with first impressions like that.

  • If your item was $59 (regardless of its true value) that would make it considerably more expensive than the majority of other files which surely would impact sales?

  • I don’t think it’s really fair to suggest that envato is a problem either as a marketplace or their process. Given they are by far and away the biggest stock marketplace around, they must be doing something right.

I do however agree that it may not be the right place for people in the HTML5 gaming category, given the niche mentality of buyers looking for this type of item and the expectation level created by the choice, quality and detail delivered in other items for sale here.