How to promote item?

How can I promote my item? My item went soo down in the list that it is hardly seen by any customer I thought…:confused:

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I think other sources for example ( your own website , Facebook , twitter , instagram and etc … )

thanks for reply
yup these are good sources…
but is there any envato platform to promote item?
r may be envato should shuffle items time to time…easy solution

any way I guess its all about luck :slight_smile:

+1 - Facebook, Youtube; Paid ads are not mandatory.
Make a good traffic and your item will be trending.
My item was submitted 1 month ago and became trending 5 times.
Also you can create your own Black Friday discounts when your items are trending.

Thanku for reply but may u explain
What does u mean by good traffic?

Hey giftcreator I have just check out ur profile the action is really amazing…i myself use giff images when i give presentation in my study works. This action is really cool n helpfull. N happy to see u sucess with ur first item.

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Thank you @BlossomJasmine! With good traffic i mean everyday 50-100+ unique previews to your items. So in this way they will promote to trending items. And if you have good author rating, the combination trending + rating is extremely easy to customers to find your item. Also you have to create unique items.
In my case i have account on vimeo, google+, youtube, reddit, facebook, page.

  • my only one item - the tool kit that is unique, with a lot of functions, on top new authors trying to reach 1st place, with profile/item 5 stars rate already and most followers from all new authors.
    Also if you provide video presentations to your items it will be more interesting and easily for the customers. :slight_smile:

1 - The one marketing strategy that actually works

2 - How to build a targeted mailing list

Thanks gifcreator alot for nice advice.
For actions it is good to show new preview images on regular basis. But for example if i want my christmas card promotion to a trending item do i need to change its preview image?
I didnot change preview image of any item before, do i have to go thorugh the uploading process again for that? what if it rejected this tim:)

Thanku bedros these two links are also helpfull i will think about that mailing system too.

It’s good periodically to change the action title name, preview, but do not change the information about the item. Just add more images, delete some old that doesn’t looks good. Create a good video preview and video tutorial and put links in the description. Make updates monthly to your best actions. Share them in reddit, facebook groups and pages and your item will get trend. :slight_smile: Just a simple example: My item is uploaded 1 month ago and it was trending about 5 or 6 times and every time it was trending i got 5 sales per day. :slight_smile: Also it’s rated now with a lot of followers for a brand new account :slight_smile:

Thanks alot gifcreator for ur helpfull reply. I will also refersh my items preview from now. N also try to make some cool things. :slight_smile:
Thanks and Best of luck to u for ur future sales :slight_smile:

Hello, sorry for bringing back this post.

Instead of creating new thread, I came across this topic.
So I wonder is it okay to post my item pictures on instagram? only the picture and some caption with my name in it plus hashtags, no link to the item whatsoever.

Thank you :slight_smile: