How to proceed with little documentation update?

Hi, :slight_smile:

Last week i was inspired by other authors and i decided to improve my documentation regarding one of my items. Now i’m ready and i’m wondering what is the best approach to do that.

What are my concerns ?

  1. If i just upload the new documentation without new item/product version, all members who already bought the item will receive a notification and when they try to download the “new” version, they will be confused, because there is no new version actually.

  2. If i made an update of the item version ( from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 for example ) again the old customers will be confused, because they will download the new version, and the difference will be … whait for it … no difference :slight_smile:

What is the best practise about such cases ?

I will appreciate any comments and advises.


Just include a changelog.txt file in your downlaod package where you mention the changes/updates. In your case that there is improved documentation.

Yes, you only need to include the changelog.txt either in the full package or in the theme. Also you can put the changelog on your item page on

Hi Aether-Themes,

Yes, i agree and i already have a “changelog” section in my documentation.

But what are you suggesting, to release a version +0.0.1 or just update without new version release?

In both cases i will include information about improved documentation.


What I meant is, just create a separate .txt file and include the info in there.

What I do is, I put the changelog in the root of the download package so the user can quickly access the info. I write up the date of the update, the version number and a list of the affected files. See the attached screenshot of my folders and the actual changelog.txt