How to prepare a vector file ( AI,EPS) к загрузке на стоке ? What to do?...What actions…?Thanks for the help…!

How to prepare a vector file ( AI,EPS) к загрузке на стоке ?
What to do?..What actions…?Thanks for the help…!

Respectfully , if you don’t know what is a .ai and .eps and you don’t know how to do anything in design’s world… I don’t know what you are doing here? It’s the third message you post here for asking basic things for a designer? It’s like asking to a bunch of plumbers which tools you need to work as plumber, how to install and fix plumbing, what size of pipe to use for residential job… etc… Seriously??? If you are really a designer you should know this my friend!!

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I asked for help…no discussion…Thank you

Hy there.
With all due respect, let’s help the guy if we can. There is no need to disrespect someone. As I took a look at his portfolio, he is not new to design. Maybe he wants to try something new. He didn’t ask what AI and EPS are. Simple guidlines I think are usefull to him. You can go to “Help” and find some guidlines on creating artwork. Depending on what you wish to achieve.

Hope you can find what you need.
Kind regards,

Hi YczCreative,
Hope you’re doing well… Just want to let you know that i didn’t disrespect him. My first word was «Respectfully». To be honest… i’m bored with all authors ( i said authors because they are not necessarily designer) who come here without any design qualification or diploma and try to upload stock thinking that they will earn lot of money because it’s open to everyone. The plumber example was a metaphor for trying to explain myself. I will not apply on a plumbing job while i don’t have qualification. Envato is a professional community… they give guidlines and supposed that their authors knows the rest. In this case, the guy is surely a great guy… the point his not there… He ask how to prepare a vector file… how to prepare a eps and .ai… He ask what to do ? What actions ?.. So he want to know everything that a designer should know to upload professional stock for Envato’s buyers. Some authors are writing to me for some help about their design… and i try to help them the best that i can. But they provide me .ai and .eps with perfect guidlines… they know the basis… But anyway… it’s my opinion and i tried to share it to the community in this thread that was the perfect example of what i mean. And i don’t write this in bad mood or without respect… English is not my first language and sometimes i have difficulty to explain myself… But good luck for future project.

you are selfish and arrogant …I know how to prepare a file,and I am a designer in an interior area and an artist with a great experience, and Gothel try sowing in the field of graphics, especially logos … just asked advice

Sorry my friend… The selfish person is YOU… The only posts you’ve done here is only to ask help and help for YOUR projects… What should i do ? What is the problem ? How to upload logos ? What’s wrong with my logo ? Please help… so it’s you, you and you… so please don’t write me that i’m selfish… Ask all authors that i helped via email… ask them !!! I have a huge work schedule and i even take time to answer them… That’s not selfish…
Arrogant ? it’s not arrogance to express opinions on community forum. If you feel challenged it’s maybe because the truth disturbs you. Please note that my last email was more global for this kind of authors.

You answered me that you know how to prepare a file… Then why the question of your post is «How to prepare a vector file… what to do?» If you know how… then do it !!!

So anyway, i don’t have more time for this endless subject… i wrote what i had in mind…

So if you have great experience and you know how to work… so keep it up man !!