How to precise general quality stantard requirements in any music genre

How/Where i can find answer to elementary quality stantard i mean
for example how to precise arrangement /time sigments duration of the track any genre which Audiojungle will approving. cuz many of work that i 've done they’re good in mixing, mastering but AJ doesn’t approve it

is there some guide or description?

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Listen to modern music, watch commercials and blogs on YouTube and, last but not least, compare your tracks to the Top Sellers here on AJ. Use reference tracks for A/B comparison when mixing and mastering. Be familiar with modern trends in composition and sound design, make sure your samples and instruments are up-to-date (unless you’re making Lo-Fi or retro-styled music). Many autors where struggling with rejections in the beginning of they careers. Practice, be patient and consistent in your work, and evenually you’ll see results. After all there are alot of tutorials on YouTube on «How to write <genre_name_here> for <stock_market_name_here>» and these are pretty good for a start.


Sorry for the dead links above, here are working ones:

AudioJungle requirements:

Qualification & review:

Hope it will help a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info appreciate it. So the easyer way is just sit and match the sound design of pro users and keep trying to nail entire portfolio like the pro

Yes please.:slight_smile:

Another thing to keep in mind for most genres is to stay on the "basic" side. Many tracks ends up as background to videos (sometimes with voice-over, etc), so keeping them non-obtrusive is a plus. For example, very busy melodies or big solos are to avoid most of the time. Keeping things simple enough, but not too boring is easier said than done, but working towards such a goal should get you some approvals down the line. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Although some technical advices are not suitable for AJ in particular, here you can find some useful thoughts on structuring your tracks for stock libraries (like orchestration, sections, endinds…)


I think some of the main points you need to remember when composing for audiojungle are:

  • keep the sound neat
  • keep your track easily editable
  • working in 8 bar phrases usually helps
  • less usually is more

    Another thing I find useful sometimes is to put a voiceover in the session and see how the track sounds with a voice talking over it. I get a new vision of things that will get in the way or fight with a voiceover.