How to outsource Web Development the right way?

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Always an interesting one :slight_smile:

Is there any other way to do this? I mean, I can just let the outsourcer connect to the DB and give him the wireframe so he can figure things out… but will he understand what I want.

A GOOD developer SHOULD understand - if not then don’t use them :slight_smile: but realistically are there really 40 totally different page designs? OK, may be but would be slightly surprised.

The way I work is the way you ‘hint at’

I can just let the outsourcer connect to the DB and give him the wireframe so he can figure things out…

Which is OK as I have a ‘sensible’ working knowledge not just of front end but back end and how they connect - or should:) plus a very sound business understanding that helps me also how people actually use sites and how to get the best from ‘everything’

If it was me I would ‘request’ a base working model, then fine tune from there. i.e. the right pages with the right sections connected to the DB, but perhaps without ALL the ‘finite’ styling then just refine when it’s all correct. Too often you add all the finite then - opps ‘forgot something’ and it can therefore take a bit longer.

Realistically 40 pages should/could be done ‘quickly’ if the DB connections are ‘sound and simple’ and run off nice php(?) functions (I question mark php as only assuming PHP)

If you want any help then please ‘shout’ via my profile page and use the form there. 40 pages for me should not take more than 3-4 days ONCE it’s all understood and the base functions all created - then tested as I hinted above.

Anyhow you asked how do you guys do it - that’s how I do it

Have a good one

Thanks for your reply.
It’s around 40 pages, but of course, header and footer are always the same (or very similar in some cases). You can easily have a template master page consisting of include files for header and footer (yes, PHP), and add the content for each page in the middle. That’s what I’m doing with the backend.

I’ll shoot you a PM.

I appreciate your help.

Hi DigitalKev

Thanks for PM/message -

To answer your question

I know you probably need more information to give an accurate estimate, but what would be a range for this project? Also, how much time it probably would take…

Ohh that’s a biggie without knowing more (as you say) but let me explain a bit and hopefully you will understand and be able to answer your own question :slight_smile:

I am an ‘older geek’ - mid 50’s with many years experience (I remember dial-up and Amstrad PC’s :)) About 12 years ago I managed to develop a ‘big system’ for a Utility company - which they paid for quiet well :slight_smile: ‘We’ then moved from the UK to a Greek Island - better weather, nice people, no crime (as such) better wine and food. No not retired we do ‘need to work’ but our expectations may not be the same as many the cost of life here is much cheaper. So as such I don’t have a ‘price list’ if you follow, I’m more a can I do it, do I want to do it’ person - if so then ‘will I do if for ‘$X’’ = again if you follow.

So in simple terms, yes I can, do I want to - well so far I’m interested but as said I don’t have all the info.

In terms of time - I work about 10-12 hours a day from early morning till mid afternoon then I go onto mobile devices. I can turn out code/pages quiet quickly e.g. just finishing (say 1 day left) a complete forum package/pm’s chat/pages/gallery etc - front end and back end - from scratch including design (now on 4th version of design) and so far that has taken 4 days. So a total I expect of 5 days for that package.

So 40 php pages … as said common headers & footers and I suspect many ‘common’ blocks (content may be different) is not really that ‘great’ a task.

As far as budget and time frame - you obviously have both (or at least in mind) - how about you think about the paragraph ‘I am an ‘older geek’ - mid 50’s’ and ask me something like ’ Can you do it in ‘X’ days’ for ‘Y’ amount. My additional rational here is you know what you have quoted etc. It’s obviously been accepted by your Client so the important factor is to ensure you can complete your project within your Clients expectations - No?

Look forward to hearing from you