How to open an AEP file.

I have download an AEP video file.What software should i use to open it?

.aep files work only with Adobe After Effects. So you need to have Adobe After Effects installed on your machine to open up an .aep file.

Thank you.:slight_smile:

No worries!

The instructions I received with my purchase only showed a way to add my logo but did not even tell me what program to use. There is no free third party program availble. I tried to contact the author but did not receive a reply. Why didn’t the pre purchase page say that I would have to pay $30 a month to insert my logo into the file?

It’ sunday I am sure author will reply soon, dont worry. Then you can ask him to render your logo reveal for you. Regards! :wink:

I have tried several times over several month’s to contact the author.
I’m not that stupid that I would write in without giving the author time
to reply.

Did you not understand when I wrote that I need to change the logo to
promote sales every week? The author would not even answer once after
several month’s of trying to contact him, I don’t expect he would render
my ads in a timely manner every week, do you think it would happen if
you had never received a response after trying to contact him several
times over several month’s?

Didn’t know situation is like that. Sorry to hear.
Also, there is nothing in this thread about rendering every week or that you have tried to contact him several times.

I apologize, I must not have included that in my last edit of my post . So there is nothing to do then? I am stuck with a worthless file from VideoHive unlesss I pay Adobe $30 a month to edit it? Why didn’t the pre purchase page say that I would have to pay $30 a month to use After Effects to insert my ads with logo into this file?

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Don’t worry, I understand your frustrations. As for that Facebook page, I really think that is manority of people who have had a bad luck to run on irresponsible authors.

As for after effects, you have bought a file in after effects section so page assume you know you need to have software. But you are probably right, there are always people who never had any contact with software and they make a mistake.

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i just bought corporate logo animations for 35 USD. And now i’m not able to open it. The website doesn’t clearly say that we need After Effects. This is not right. What will i do with this file now. I lost 35 USD.

I just bought a breaking news lower third after effects and I am unable to open the AEP file too. I think it is quite fraudulent that the videohive and envato are not warning people about the requirements of opening these files,

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It will have been in the After Effects category, and the info box on the item page will have mentioned the After Effects version. If it wasn’t in the After Effects category, and doesn’t mention an After Effects version in the info box, then get in touch with support and they’ll probably issue a refund.

It may be a different item, but the only item named ‘breaking news lower third’ in the After Effects category, also mentions it’s an AE Project in the preview image, and that VideoCopilot Optical Flares is required; which you wouldn’t have if you don’t have After Effects.

There is one more item with the same name which includes an After Effects file, but that’s not in the After Effects category as it’s a motion graphics item… a video with transparency, that includes the source file that was used to create the video. After Effects isn’t needed to use the video with transparency.

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You bought the project in the “After Effects Project Files” section. It’s clear that you need the After Effects program. When you buy bread in a shop, they tell you that you need a knife to cut it?
Try to contact the seller, and maybe he will help you


I didn’t even know what an .aep file was until I downloaded a logo animation today. I didn’t know that After Effects would be needed in order to use the file. Is there any way to make use of the file that I have? Convert it to another format possibly? I simply wanted to place my logo in a sort of opener for videos I make for my students.

It goes without saying that you need After Effects to open this file.
The product page indicates that this is an After Effects file 2 times
Try to contact the author, maybe he will help you…

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I appreciate your prompt to contact the author. I’ll reach out if I cannot make use of a free trial of AE. To your point about the product page- I saw “After Effects Project Files” typed below the video that shows what the product is to look like. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have made this error, but to the extreme novice such as myself as it relates to After Effects, for all I knew this was also part of the description. I thought After Effects meant some kind of way to manipulate the product- like some kind of effect that you applied after uploading your logo that would allow you to change the colors used for example. I really had no idea that it was a separate software application.

Let´s see. My humble advice for customers is, first of all read very very well what you´re going to buy before purchase, even more for people that are new to these kind of markets and softwares. This way you´re gonna save time, money and problems. It´s obvious that when you purchase a logo in After Effects Projects section, at least you have to know what After Effects is. I remember to have read here rules for authors of After Effects projects that said that authors need to explain very well in a Help File or Video Tutorial how to customize project, but not to teach customers lessons about how to use After Effects at beginner level, anyway author can offer help in case customer needs it, I always do that with my projects.

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So I’m not the only one who bought this without knowing I would need After Effects. :weary: I thought you could just use it with Photoshop…
That’s too bad.