How to mix different template kit in the same Wordpress site

Hi everyone,
I am currently working on a website and would like how to mix different template kits.

Example: The home page would be built with template kit A, the “about us” page would be built with template kit B, the blog page with template kit C, etc…

Is it possible? If so, how?
When I import “template kit B”, it breaks the site and the CSS does not seem to be imported.

Thank you for the answers !

It’s not easy and you’d really need to create a bespoke kit using a combination of code from the different kits. It’s not something to try and do if you are not familiar with code.

You could try finding a freelancer on

I found the solution with a plugin

Thanks =)


This is quite easy but you need to be mindful of the plugin requirements for the kits you are using. Try to choose kits that use the same addons to avoid conflicts or overloading your server (too many plugins will slow your site and cause issues in the builder).

The plugins each kit uses are listed in the Item description on Envato Elements:

This is especially important to check if you do not have Elementor Pro, as several kits are built specifically for the Pro version.

To combine:

  1. Follow the guide to import the kits correctly after activating the required addons.

  2. Return to the kit you want to use the fonts and colors from and click Import on the Global Kit Styles OR go to Elements > Settings and select the kit styles from the drop-down and Save

  3. You may need to do minor adjustments on the off-templates to things like which font or color setting icons or headings are using (click the heading, click the Style tab, click the globe next to Typography and choose the font style, or click the color swatch to choose the colors)

Further help with chstomization is under Elementor > Get Help

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to use the pre-built functions in WordPress to add a new template. For example, you can use the add theme() function to add a new WordPress theme. You can also use the built-in theme options to change the look and feel of a template.