How to minimize my page and font ?

Hi , I’m using wordpress theme 7 … and I don’t know how to make my page looks smaller"in size", and I don’t know also how to make my font looks smaller than it is , and I also don’t know how to put this codes to be applied to my content (Line Height: 15px , Font Size: 11px )
so if you please guide me in details how to do that .
Thank you

Hi! For small CSS changes like the font size or line height, you have 3 options:

  1. Going to Appearance > Editor and add your changes to style.css. BUT you will lose them if you decide to update the theme to its newer version this way!!

Better options would be:
2) Install a plugin, for example “Simple Custom CSS” plugin and add your new CSS lines there (it will create a setting page in your admin panel where you can do that)

  1. Install a child theme with it’s own style.css and add the CSS lines there. More on that:

Darinka ,
I’ve downloaded a plugin and it works like a dream ,
the plugin name is : TinyMCE advanced .
Tanks a lot … you are a life saver.
problem solved.