How to migrate/port a completed website from my server to client's server?


How to migrate/port a completed website from my server to client’s server?



copy all the files into your clients server and export site database and import to clients server… upload all images also…


Hey Joyceloh,
(If you have a wordpress page:)
These are my steps:

  1. Backup everything files and database
  2. Test if it works on your own server:
    a, so copy in your own server to a different folder or into sub domain the whole website,
    b, create a new database (under PHPMyAdmin) and import the original database BUT first you have to update the database ( to modify the database for example: I use Notepad ++ and the original website name: or you have to modify this url. I search for it and replace /CTRL+h/ to Important to double check it because you might miss something.
    3 if you ready and works than the same steps apply for to migrate to the new server but you modify to
    Don’t forget if you use wordpress (or other open source) you have to create new database and update the wp-config.php.
    (I recommend to turn off the plugins and check the .htaccess as well)
    Good luck,

I’m using Duplicator Plugin for migration :sunglasses:

All these answers are great but assume you are talking about a WordPress theme.

If you are just using a HTML website then you only need to copy the files that make the website into the root directory of your clients website.

With all due respect - if you are charging for development and have ‘clients’ surely you are familiar with the basics like migrating a website (even a WordPress theme)?

Hey, thank you all for the help! :slight_smile:

Im more of a designer, my staff who is in charge of web/digital is out of town that’s why l would like to learn more, in case of any sudden client’s need of migrating the website. Just a humble suggestion, maybe tutorial of the migration would help greatly for me and others newbies as the video installing of WP help me a lot!

That’s a great idea for a video, @joyceloh!

@rachelmccollin - What do you think? Maybe this would be an interesting idea for a coffee break course or a 60 second video?