How to merge Envato accounts

Our company acquired part of another company, and we need to merge two Envato accounts into one - or at any rate, we need to migrate the licenses/purchases from one to another.

I am not seeing where I can even open an Envato support ticket (for account issues vs. a specific purchase). Can anyone help?

You can ask support but it is quite rare for this to be possible. Envato Market Help and Support

Thanks Charlie, I submitted a request now.


Further to what @charlie4282 already said, I would be really surprised if you could do this. Almost certainly you would need to provide legal documentation to show that for example:

Company A was no longer trading and was agreeable to Company B (your company) taking over their Envato Account. Licences are granted to a specific person or business and not normally transferrable.

Hi, This option not available right now. I have already discussed.