How to manage licenses for my software


I’m not an author yet but I’m informing myself.
I’m developing software with Angular and I’m going to try to sell it on this platform as I’ve been finding interesting things for years in this place.

But I have a doubt:
how can I manage licenses?


What would you like to do exactly?

as a customer I bought some themes (themeforest) and always have a license code so that they are not installed on multiple domains at the same time.
I think the license code is managed by envato right?
usually how is it managed for software products?

No, this is not right. Envato does not manage licenses for you. It only accepts payments from buyers and stores licenses keys in its own system. If author wants to manage licenses and ensure the same code is not used to perform multiple installations, he needs to create such a management/verification system on his own.

Envato only provides API for author, where he can verify if code exists. Everything else (checking if code is in use, etc) needs to be done by you from scratch. Or you can use an existing licensing software for this.


ah okok understood, thanks