How to make this synthy arp?

Hello all. I am new to sound design.

Can anyone tell me how to make this synth arp that goes throughout this song Sonera from Two Steps from Hell? This can be heard nicely at the end of the track, from 5 minute mark onward.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @prathap_creations This is string staccato, search in strings kontakt libraries. Just quantise notes 1/8 or 1/4 or 1/16. Look this piano masterclass for this song :slight_smile:

Yep these are staccato strings. 8th and 16th notes repeated in succession. Cinematic Strings is a sound good library for this.

@AliveSound @CinematicScore Thanks. I can recognize staccato strings. What I am asking for is that arpeggio that is underlying those staccato strings. Please listen from 5:15. It is very low bass arps.

Maybe this is contrabas with same quantise and big reverberation?

Ahh okay. What you are referring to is often called a pulse. 8dio has some great libraries for them. It’s basically just a synth run through a sequencer and gated. HybridTwo by Daniel James has some good ones too. Hope this works.

Yeah. Thanks. That was what I was asking for. Those libraries sound great too. Thanks again.