How to make the Newspaper theme full width?

I want to make my WordPress blog’s ‘Newspaper’ theme full width for the desktop version only.
Here are the things I want -

  1. The widget (on the right) get closer to the right with only a little space left on the right hand side. However, the size of the widget area remains the same i.e., I only want it to push closer to right.

  2. The content area stretches more to the left and leaves less free area on the left hand side.

  3. Full width header area i.e., Logo stick to the extreme corner of left and also the top menu (in black) to begin from the extreme left.

  4. full width footer area.

I think these all requirements can be achieved by just increasing the width of the container for the dekstop version of the site, but I was a bit confused after looking at that huge CSS code.

theme - Newspaper

I will be very happy to receive some suggestions to make the blog more attractive, if you have any suggestions then do share them with me.
I tried to mention every detail here, but still if I missed any then let me know.
Thanks in advance, and have a nice day.

It may not be that simple - you should start by asking the author

can you tell me how to do that ?

You can ask in the item comments or click the authors profile on the right hand side and use the contact form there

okay as you said, I posted there too, but still didn’t get any reply.

Have you checked the documentation? Also, most of the authors, they are not working at the weekend. Please, wait at least one more day

oh okay. Thanks for telling me that, wasn’t aware of this.