How to make the Newspaper theme full width in post?


I have recently installed the theme on my website. However, my website is based on books review. Therefore, I like my posts to be on full-width so profiles, blog posts, videos, and everything else that the website contains will be easily visible and friendly accessible. I’ve tried to create the file full-width and paste it onto the theme folder but it still missing out and I can’t see the template article. It’s stuck on the Default theme. How can I fix that?

My site:

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Use this CSS code in WordPress custom CSS field or go to you theme css file and change this class .td-pb-span8

.td-pb-span8 {
width: 100%;


That is possible, we recommend using a cloud post template There are plenty of post templates to choose from, some have wider layouts or are full width
We can help do it or help with any further questions you have. We provide support by forum or by email at so please let us know via either of these if possible.

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