How to make the most out of my earnings from Sweden?


I am from Sweden. Not a seller, but I plan on becoming one in soon future.
But there are some things that I want to understand before I take the step into Envato.

Is it true that people from international places(outside US), earn less than someone from US?
Like an international fee or something? I think I also saw a post talking about this and then a reply that told them to sign up for something to get past that extra fee.
Would any international seller(preferably from Sweden or Europe) please tell me how it works for you?


Btw, the site I plan to sell from is CodeCanyon


There’s no fees based on your location. However, Envato recently moved to the United States, and must comply with tax laws. Thus, you’re required to submit tax information.

If you don’t submit tax information, they will assume you’re a US author and will withhold taxes on all of your sales. Don’t make this mistake. By submitting tax information you will only have tax held on sales from the United States depending on the tax treaty between Sweden and the US.

Other than that, you’re subject to the same fees as me (I’m a US author). :smiley:

You can learn more about fees here by the way:

And here’s more information on taxes for non-US authors:

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What BaileyHerbert said… but if I’m not mistaken, the withholding rate for Sweden is 0%, so if you complete the W8 form with your valid foreign tax ID number… then you won’t have any taxes withheld.


Am from The Netherlands, can confirm :+1:


So I filled it in on the Envato site and was presented with this:
You successfully submitted your tax information on 30 Aug 2017 19:14:37 UTC.

Are Envato going to send this form now?