How to make table like this?

Need to create something like this table. The most important condition is the countdown to the end of events. Which plugin can help me? Or if it`s only manual work, how much it costs?

Hi @Asmus003

If you don’t have experience with development, you may want to check Envato Studio for freelancers who can do this for you.

100% custom work.

The table itself is not that hard - what’s a much bigger consideration is what it is connected to and how so that the information is being sent to populate the table data

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How much it costs? I am new here and don`t know prices.

It really would come down to how it works -

Are you manually inputting data each time to populate columns and set the count down on each item?


Is this populating based on dynamic data eg sales volumes, purchase dates and so on?

Is it one feed or is it used in many different
Instances or profiles etc.