How to Make Sure that Reviewer Read the Explanation?

I’ve submitted a WordPress theme and it is being soft-rejected for the third-time. Many of the objections of reviewer was valid and I fixed them, but I disagree with some of them. For example, one of the objection was below:

I’ve explained to the reviewer that not all menu locations are readily visible i.e. the top header only show “Primary Menu” location by default. It can show “Secondary Menu” location if it enabled from the customizer but I don’t think the reviewer read this message.

The issue is, now I got this message from the reviewer:

Still finding issues raised on previous reviews. Ensure you revisit them and address all issues before your next resubmission. Failing to do so will result in a hard rejection!

How can I make sure that reviewer read my explanation and do NOT hard reject the item?

The thing is that there should be no need to enable that menu in the Cutomizer. Once it is set under Settings / Menus, it should appear. If the user wants to temporarily disable it, then he just unchecks the menu location from Settings / Menu. Having the additional checkbox in the Customizer is redudant.

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Well, if that’s the case I think the reviewer should clearly communicate it to avoid back and forth. Since, the reviewer has not responded to my comments.

Also, regarding this issue - I’ve seen it in many other themes here on TF. For example, the top bar is not visible by default and it has a specific menu location assigned. The top bar can have many different elements (other than the menu). To see menu in this location the user has to enable the whole top bar from theme customizer first.

Why would the user has to do that? If the topbar menu is assigned, then the topbar should appear automatically. It is not that your way is wrong, it is just redundant step for the user.

Better you can create a ticket

I also faced some problem like yours so i reached officials

and finally SENIOR REVIEWER(kailoon's profile on ThemeForest) ACCEPTED MY THEME

I’ve no issue programming it this way, I was just not sure what the reviewer actually want. Thanks for the help here.

If you have time can you also give suggestion on another issue?

This is default categories widget in my theme. According to the reviewer the readability of title (i.e. “Categories”) is difficult.


My confusion is that I’ve seen popular themes on TF with lower contrast ratio as compared to this example.

Also, I want to keep a visual separation between the title and the category links below. So, I feel that brightning the title anymore betrays this purpose.

Do you have any suggestion?

How long did it take you to get a response this way?

@blacksailor 1-2 days maximum 3

Man, this gives me depression when I remember my theme, the same crappy approach from the reviewer, I started to think that I was chatting with a boot or some A.I., they literally don’t care at all about the hard work we do.

Now be sure you do what they asked otherwise you will get a hard reject!

Well, I’ve submitted the theme again with BEFORE and AFTER screenshots to make them believe that I’m changing things. I just hope that they read the message.

If you don’t do what they asked it will be rejected, let’s hope is not a hard reject!

There is no point to fight them, believe me I know, having a theme approved on ThemeForest is the most difficult task for a developer these days!

I’m not really against rejection as it helps us improve our product in many instances (exceptions are there). It is just that “Message to Reviewer” should mean something. If reviewer does not read it or respond to it then there is no point.