how to make Placeholders Unlimited copies for an opner template


Pleeeeeease help me to make unlimited placeholders for a template, like when i drag & drop a template comp and edit it doesn’t affect the basic one.

Please if you have another solution todo it please tell me as soon as possible.


If you duplicate a comp then you can offset as many comps as you want in time to make the video as long as you need. If you duplicate comp, then any changes you make in the new comp, won’t affect the original comp. However, the main issue with that, and probably the issue you’re having, is that there might be more pre-comps within that comp which can be problematic if you want to add different images, footage, text etc.

So if you’ve got ‘Scene A’ for example, which has ‘image comp 1’ and ‘image comp 2’ in it… if you duplicate Scene A which results in ‘Scene A2’, then you can make whatever changes you want in ‘Scene A2’ and ‘Scene A’ will stay the same. However, if you go into ‘image comp 1’ which is within that scene… and change the image in there… that will reflect in both ‘Scene A’ and ‘Scene A2’.

What you need to do is duplicate cimage comp1 and image comp 2 in the project panel so you get image comp 3 and image comp 4. If there are already a bunch of image comps then they might be named ‘image comp 47’ or ‘image comp 59’ etc etc. Then, go into ‘Scene 2A’, highlight ‘image comp 1’, then when holding ‘alt’, drag and drop ‘image comp 3’ onto ‘image comp 1’ in your timeline/layer stack/work area. That will take your newly created comp and swap it out with the original comp… keeping all the effects, position data and animations intact. Any changes you make to the ‘image comp 3’ comp will only affect ‘Scene A2’ and not 'Scene A.

That probably sounds more complicated than it should. Sorry. Hopefully it should help though. Somebody should make a 60 second ‘how to’ video on the subject!


Right click in the project window and import your template file again. This will create an instance of your project file inside your already existing project, then change that instance and drag the new comp in your original one. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, although your projects will get quickly heavier and might load slow, especially if you’re not working with an SSD


That’s a good idea… never thought of that!


Yeah i was just as blown away it works that way. I saw the trick on the forums not too long ago haha :smiley:


wow thats a great idea to hear voxyde
Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile: