How to make official complain about an author? Need help and Envato needs to know.

I need help about a bad situation with a theme author. I point them an issue about the display with their theme on mobile that makes the use of an extension (The Events Calendar, which is an amazing tool included in the theme) unusable on mobile. I first thought that the missing data on the display was caused by the fact that it wasn’t the “Pro” version of the extension but found after few months that it was a bug on the theme code.

The problem was pointed on their dedicated ticket system almost 1 year ago (November 22nd, 2018). They said they understand the issue and will be fix in the next update but it wasn’t. So I asked again and they said that it will be fix soon. 6 months later, it wasn’t . I asked them again, they said they forgot it and gave it a high priority. That last answer was 3 months ago. For almost 1 year they play that game.

It just doesn’t make sens. It is not only unprofessional but it is a complete miss of respect to customers who paid for that theme and I think Envato should not accept this from their authors. I’m sure they have some kind of munimum service or respect politic and that is surely not what should be accepted.

I don’t want a refund, we used this theme for 2 years and it fits with our organisation, but we need that extension to share our schedule with parents on the go who are on their mobile. We were about to pay for the Pro version but we can’t if the theme has that display issue. And changing the theme will now be a lot more complicated.

How can I get help on this?
Thanks in advance to anybody who could point me to a solution or to the Envato customer service.

Best regards


Please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to assist you.