How to make money with Affiliates ?

Hi guys !

I am wondering how can I make money with Affiliates (impact) ?

Can anyone share positive directions to help me?

And can you share your average monthly revenue?

Thank you very much.

There are many ways to promote products within the Envato affiliate program and increase your revenue.

You could start a blog. In this case I would say choose a niche you’re interested in, determine a target audience, then select and promote Envato products that would appeal to them. For example, we have a WordPress focused blog called WPExplorer where we regularly promote WordPress themes from Themeforest and WordPress plugins from CodeCanyon via affiliate links in our content. We love WordPress, and themes/plugins are especially relevant to our niche.

Another idea is to create a free online course with affiliate links to recommended or required tools for the lessons. Perhaps you want to share a guide to launching a YouTube channel, where you could include affiliate links to Videohive effects/stock for creating a custom intro, GraphicRiver for logos or social media templates, and Themeforest for a video website theme. There are a ton of resources on the Envato Marketplace you can choose from.

Or you can simply use social media accounts you already have to share affiliate links to products. In this case I think that sharing deals is most effective. Envato authors regularly have sales on their products (especially around big events like Black Friday), so you can share the best deals with your existing audience via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These are just a few quick ideas - but really whenever you are going to recommend a product you can use affiliate links. Just keep in mind that you do need traffic to make a decent income, since not every click is going to lead to a sale. Unless you already have an established brand or social following, just be prepared to invest time/effort into growing your business so you can see revenue increase.