How to make Listify theme look good?

Could anyone please help me to make my Listify-based site look professional?

Thank you,

Hello @uworlds

We can make your Listify based website look professional as per your requirements.

You can hire us on Envato Studio

Thank you and I am sorry for the late reply!

I have a Listify theme installed, and extended support paid; but still, I can’t get it to look good and I need it to obviously look attractive so that it gets used.

I am using WP All Import to get the listings into the site via .CSV file; however, this may possibly need to be refined; but more than that it’s just the overall look of the site that I can’t get right despite having read the documentation.

Are you familiar with setting up the Listify theme?

Kind regards

I have made several Listify sites. Can you provide link from your site on private message?

Hi Zaccc,

Thank you for your reply!

I would love to see any of the Listify sites you have set up, are you able to send some links?

Mainly I want to create a hotel Web site using Listify and WP All Import for importing the data, but my main aim is to make the site look nice.

Kind regards