How to make it so tags do not display when looking at products


I am using the Roxxe theme. I have a physical location and it’s a electronics store so I have a large number of items. Due to the large number of products there are also a large number of categories. When I try to categorize them, all the tags for the sub categories show up under the main category. In the picture below you can see just one main category out of a dozen, and all the sub category tags that would be under it. So if I click on Major appliances category it will be filled with Refrigerators & Freezers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Bar & Wine Fridges, Ice Makers, Ranges, Cooking & Ventilation, Ranges, and so on. You can also see with just 2 products there are already 6 tags, and this keeps on increasing.

Is there any way control what tags show up, or to stop all tags from showing up and have customers just go through the drop down menu to search for what they want.

Thank you in advance


Contact with your purchase item author @ZEMEZ right here as a comments

hope they will helepd!