How to make chord sounds like this ?

Hi, at 1:26 kshmr calls this sound polysynth, does anyone know how to make synth sound like this.

Also check 11:00 if you want to hear sound more clear.

Cheers ^^

A polysynth is just any synth that can play more than one note at once. The opposite would be a monosynth, a synth that can only play one note at the same time.

That sound is just a number of saw waves (could be 3 to 10 or so) slightly detuned, with some noise added. The pumping effect can be created in the synth itself by modulating the volume with an LFO, or you can sidechain the sound to a kick drum with a compressor. Or use a plugin like LFOTool that does the effect for you. Or you can automate the volume in your DAW.

That’s it. It’s one of the simplest sounds you can make with a synth. :slight_smile:

So to sum up, the sound is not called polysynth, it’s called a supersaw. Polysynth is just a name for a synth that can play chords.

You can also add chorus, reverb, etc. for an even bigger sound.


okey, but when i try to make this sound with serum it sounds like coming from toy piano ^^. any tips, tricks for getting that professional supersaws ?

use superwave p8

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Well, search for “supersaw” on YouTube and you will find a lot of help. :slight_smile:

But I made something similar very quickly:

Two default saw waves (OSC A + OSC B).

5 Unison on both, Detune to about 0.10 to 0.12.

OSC B one octave lower.

Make sure you enter the same chords (the first two will be enough) when comparing sounds. Otherwise it can be hard to hear.

Add the Noise oscillator - I picked ARP White. Tune it up a bit to taste. You can filter out the low frequencies by turning on the filter, just for the noise. It’s quite loud in the sound in the video, so maybe raise the level to 75 or so.

In the FX section, experiment with the Compressor. Multiband with Gain around 15 db will make it more powerful.

Maybe a touch of reverb.

That’s it.


@Flumen @anon64521210 thank you very much! i will try asap!

…and you can add a little bit of saturation for a dirtier sound.

And if you want it to sound more analog and less digital, you can slightly modulate the pitch of each oscillator over time. Slow, subtle changes to emulate the instability in the oscillators of older analog synths.