How to make account manager a non-dowdnload member to give 5 paid accounts to editors?

Hi there,

How can I make the admin (me) not a download user.

I’d like my 5 seats to be used for my editors, not me. When I created the 5 member team, I’m allocated one of the seats, but I don’t need it. Let me know how I can still be the admin, but assign my seat to one of our editors.

Motion Array has this feature, do you also have it?

Thank you!

From what I’ve read, if you have 5 other people apart from yourself that need access to the account, you need the Enterprise subscription. As far as I can tell you still count as a 6th person and there’s no way for you to be designated as just the admin with no download rights.

I could be wrong, so you should definitely contact support about this.