How to make a sortable MEDIA GRID in WPBakery?

Is there a way to make a MEDIA GRID sortable in WPBakery? I am trying to create something that looks and functions like the plugin here.

Any insight would be super helpful!


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


I already purchased the theme and contacted the author several times about this.They were not very helpful so I thought I would attempt to see if anyone here knew how to do this. Unfortunately, the author of this theme that I purchased integrated WPBakery into their theme and I have had to learn how to use it. However, in order to get support from WPBakery I have to purchase a license. It’s incredibly frustrating that the author used a system that requires an additional purchase in order to get assistance with how to do things in WPBakery. Personally, I do not think that authors should be allowed to use plugins in their themes that force you to purchase licenses from the plugins developer. If you need help with a plugin that they have included you are either forced to search for how to do it yourself on forums (like I had asked here) or hire a developer or the theme author. It feels like a bait and switch scam. I didn’t realize how complex WPBakery was or just how much it took over the backend development when I purchased theme.