How to make a business license?



I’m confused how to make a business license if I work on Envato. Is there any guide how to do it? I need this license to make a Schengen visa.

Hope someone can help with this.


To apply for a tourist or business Schegen Visa, you either need an employer, or you need to be self employed. If you have an employer then they need to write you a reference with details of your employment. If you’re self employed, then you need to produce all the details, including tax records and bank statements.

Envato aren’t your employer, so it’s very unlikely they’d be able to do anything to help in this instance. Nobody here works for Envato, aside from Envato’s employees. Just like people who sell items on Ebay aren’t employed by Ebay.

You’ll need to speak to your current employer, or produce the required documents if you are self employed. Your best bet is to get in touch with your local embassy of the first country you wish to visit.


Hi, thanks for reply.

But I already know all of this. Let me explain it more clear:

If I don’t have an employer, so I’m self-employed. In this case I need business license as it mentioned in visa requirements: In case the applicant is the owner of the company he/she is working for, the business registration, tax returns and the latest bank statement is to be attached.

So how to make this business registration document?

Best Wishes.