How to locate mobile menu on Piroll theme to make changes?

I just recently started working on a site for a new client that has the Piroll theme installed. I am trying to locate where they set up the mobile menu. There are pages missing from the mobile version that are on the website when viewed on a desktop or laptop. I looked under appearance - menus, and there is not a mobile version installed there. How do I find the mobile menu and make changes?

Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.

Otherwise tell your client the best way to get the support is Contact purchased theme Author. How to Contact Author and let them know. Theme Author will be very happy to assist.

I appreciate your reply. I searched the theme documentation and cannot locate any information on finding where the mobile theme is located. We do not have a way to contact the designer who purchased the theme. Please send me the steps to find where the mobile menu is located in this theme or please send me a link to this information. Thank you.

theme Author are best expert about their Item functionality. so you have to get support from them. If your client don’t have access the purchaser account then for getting support you have to purchase the theme license. Also without access you will not get access for theme update.

and there is also a possibility that your theme is not uptodate

The theme is up-to-date. I appreciate your reply, but I cannot believe that no one is able to send me a link or share with me how to find the mobile menu in the nK Piroll theme.