How to locate a business with a zipcode

I am trying to see if there some sort of plugin or whatever that when I input a zipcode, it will load up the closest business to that zipcode. I want to point out that I want the load up to come from a list of business I have.

So for example I have a list of 10 businesses

Business 1 Zipcode 00001
Business 2 Zipcode 00002
Business 3 Zipcode 00003
Business 4 Zipcode 00004
Business 5 Zipcode 00005
Business 6 Zipcode 00006
Business 7 Zipcode 00007
Business 8 Zipcode 00008
Business 9 Zipcode 00009
Business 10 Zipcode 00010

And when I input zipcode 00015, then it will show me from the list of my businesses, what are the 5 closest ones.

Thank you.

There are lots - just search for business directory or business listing and most will have functionality like this (obviously check the details to make sure)

I find to be the opposite. There are plenty of directories but they are not searchable by zipcode but by type of business and city.