How to load main image faster on a ThemeForest page?


I have a problem with the speed of a ThemeForest based site. Especially a page that have a main picture that is only 512 x 512 pixels. Sometimes, it loads over 4 sec and that is way too much. I would like to keep it below 2.5 sec to provide at least a fair performance for the visitors and also for the search engines. What is the best way to speed it up dramatically? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can test your website with GTmetrix and find out how you can improve your page load speed.

Compress the images

Thank you for the recommendation. Is it a better tool than PageSpeed Insights? I am using that right now and I am just wondering why GTMetrix is better.

Well, I already use webp format and those are not big images but they are still loading slow. Maybe some resources block them that I am not able to detect with PageSpeed Insights?

I tried to use loading=“eager” and fetchPriority=“high” attributes as well but those did not help. I also try to use the “preload” option for blocking resources but the loading time is still too much for the LCP. I also use inline CSS if that is possible. Can someone recommend anything else to reduce the loading time? (I cannot change the CDN, that is just not an option now).

I have a page with a simple crow tattoo design that only has a 52.7 kB JPEG main picture and it loads in more than 3 seconds (!), although there are no blocking resources. PageSpeed Insights varies this time frame for different images but very often it shows over 3 s even for this same image. Does anyone have an idea how this could be so slow? What am I doing wrong?

Your website is loading quite quickly here from the western USA. The entire page, images and all, load in just over 200 milliseconds total.

If images alone are taking seconds to load, then the issue is going to be related to hosting (or the distance between you and the server) rather than the theme. The theme in the website you linked, by the way, is not from ThemeForest.

This sounds like an issue that needs to be brought to the web host.

Thank you for the response. You are right, that must be a different template there. Maybe the CDN does not serve all the regions equally. It is a problem because I cannot control that and I think that I cannot have impact on that. Thanks for your help anyway.

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