How to license Salient on Staging and Production sites?

Hi there,

We’re facing an update issue with the Salient Core on our site. It was set up a while back by a third party using Salient and WPBakery, and everything was up-to-date at that time. Now, we’ve realized the Salient Core is outdated.

The hiccup is, we don’t have the Salient licensing info used by the third-party, and we’re considering purchasing a new license to resolve this. However, we’re a bit unsure about the best way to apply it.

Our workflow involves a staging environment (staging…com) and a production environment (admin at prod…com, with public access at .com). We do all our work on staging before pushing to production.

So I’m wondering which domain should be licensed for Salient?
Also, how should we apply it to staging so that there are no issues when moving to production?
Or would I need 2 licenses?