How to know the customer who renewed his support pack?

Hi guys, how do you know the customer’s username who renewed his support pack?
My account statement shows that there’s a customer renewed support for 6 months but there’s no reference or any information in the statement points to that customer like his username or the purchase code of the main item, it shows only the inv. number and the amount.
Have any idea? Thanks

There’s no way to know aside from revalidating the purchase code if you already know it or the customer contacting you on their own.

If you’re operating a support ticket system, it should automatically recognize the new extended support period when validating their purchase code. For this reason it isn’t recommended to cache the support expiration date in your own database.

So I’m unable to know who is the customer unless he contacted me! all purchase codes are already stored in my DB but what the use in this case since I’m already unable to match the code to the new support pack. However thanks for your reply @baileyherbert

Yes, that’s intentional. You can store purchase codes in your database for licensing purposes, but you shouldn’t store support periods.

When the customer sends you a support ticket, you should always revalidate their purchase code with the API to get the latest support expiration (this will also immediately detect refunded purchases). There should be no reason for you to do any of this manually from your statement.

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Ask them to contact you via the contact form on your account.
When the email is sent through Envato, you will see a link at the bottom of the page. When you click it, you can see the active support period

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