How to know template is high resolution?

How to know our template is high resolution, why we select high resolution Yes or No?

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Depends on your theme design you can select High resolution or not. Like if you used ratina.js for your theme which use for ratina ready devices then yes you serve high resolution images to those devices and your design is also ready for High resolution.

But one thing this option is not much effect on Review process because you can change those option later after your theme will approve.

So my opinion and experience on High resolution option it just a show up- it is because if your design not serve high resolution content and you put option like its High resolution then no reviewer can take action on it. That’s it.


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Thank you. Actually I was trying to find answer of this question. :slight_smile:


Recently asked from themeforest elite author, they replied:high resolution means if template are supporting large screens,then u select high resolution Yes.